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Cow Peas:

owpea is mainly cultivated in Africa, Asia, Europe, United States and Central and South America. Homeland of cowpeas is Southern Africa which later moved to East and West Africa and Asia. This is a food and animal feed crop. It is assumed that name “cowpea” was derived because it was an important livestock feed for cows in the U.S. 85% sand with less than 0.2% organic matter and low level of phosphorus is best composition for this crop to grow. Generally this is well adapted in drier regions where other food legumes do not perform well.  In South America, it is known as black eyed peas and it is a very common food ingredient.



Speckled cowpea color: white, pink, speckled, red, etc.

1. Size: 500-600grains/100g

2. Moisture: 15%

3. Admixture: 0.1%

4. Purity: 98%

Packing: Bulk, PP BAG

Packaging: 25/50kg pp.bag


 Fresh Crop White Cow Peas:



     MC (machineclean)                                       














25or 50kg



Varieties of Cow Pea

Cowpeas varieties depend upon its bean shape, size and color.

1. Black-eyed or pink eyed/purple hull peas:

These white colored seeds have black, pink or purple eye like shape around the hilum. Seeds are not tightly packed or crowded in the pod and are kidney shaped or oblong.

2. Brown-eyed peas:

These types of cowpeas have green to lavender colored pods. When immature seeds of this type are cooked, it has very tender and a delicate flavor.

3. Crowder peas:

As the name suggests, this type of cowpeas are “crowded” in the pod and have seed of black, speckled and brown eyed.

4. Cream peas:

Seeds are cream colored. This type of seeds looks like intermediate between the black-eyed and Crowder types.

5. White acre type:

Seeds are kidney-shaped with a blunt end, semi crowded and generally tan in color.

6. Clay types: These older varieties are medium to dark brown in color and kidney- shaped, but are rarely grown